Kel-Suu lake

  • Kel-Suu Lake is rapidly becoming one of Kyrgyzstan’s best-known sites. At 3,514 m (11,529 feet) above sea level, Kel-Suu was only recently formed by a landslide in the 1980s. One side is formed by sheer cliffs, and the other by the Sary-Beles Mountain. Located on the Kurumduk River, the water has a greenish tint, but sometimes in the spring, the whole lake drains, and all that is left is the dry lake bed.

Because Kel-Suu is located in the At-Bashi District of Naryn Region, a border pass is needed to reach the lake. Most of the journey can be covered by car, but the last couple hours up to the lake are best covered on horseback. At this high of elevations, the weather can be unpredictable, which means that sometimes the lake is inaccessible. But the stunning steep sides of the lake and the beautiful turquoise color make Kel-Suu an ideal place for kayaking or diving, and one of the most unique and stunning places in Kyrgyzstan.

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