Chon-Kemin valley

The Chon Kemin Valley is a truly unforgettable vacation spot. A truly unique natural complex is located here, including the gorge, the beautiful full-flowing Chon-Kemin River and the valley. The water complex also includes seven scenic lakes located in the specially protected natural complex “Chon-Kemin”.

The natural complex is located almost a hundred and fifty kilometers from the capital. The width of the valley, which is also part of the national reserve, is almost six kilometers, and the length is 12. There are numerous spruce forests and flood meadows in the valley. Numerous glaciers give a special charm to these places.

If you like to observe nature in its original form, then here is a unique opportunity to observe the flora and fauna in its natural habitat. A special microclimate here is created by mountain ranges that close the park from three sides.

Fans of extreme relaxation can also find here a lot of interesting things for themselves. Every year, hundreds of tourists from different countries come here to go rafting on rugged mountain rivers, climb steep slopes or simply admire the magnificent landscapes that were created with love by nature itself.

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